Interview your teacherのお題に対し、思いのたけをぶつけてやった結果、0点だった。くやしかった。結局英語が出来るようにならないと文句も言えないしケンカも出来ないし何も伝わっていない。やっぱりくやしい。

Date: 2/23/11
Score: 0

I'm learning a language which have great difference of grammatical structure. I must flip the verb and object. Taking a minute for making the sentences, the teacher says "Your microphone is broken ha ha ha". Why can't wait until making the sentences? Don't be a fool! Is this a class for native speaker? Everytime in this english class, I'm nervous and depressed.

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From: 17071192
Date: 2/24/2011 8:22:43 AM

Hello Student,

I understand your situation. Please contact CR through the link on your page. We are serious about your language learning and we have your best interests in mind. You will receive the help you need.

Enjoy your lessons with Englishtown and I look forward to reading your next piece! Good luck!