2月の2回目。なかなか気が乗らない。今日は、Did Natalie reach her potential?という質問に対し、自分ともう一人の生徒もNoと答えたのだが、以下の理由により正解はYesなのだそうだ。
原文ママ)Disabled compete in the paralmpic. able-bodied people compete in the Olympics. For a disabled person to compete with abled people and come in 16th place is very good.

I'm learning a language which have great difference of grammatical structure.I must flip the verb and object.Taking a minute for making the sentences, the teacher says "Your microphone is broken ha ha ha".Why can't wait until making the sentences?Don't be a fool!Is this a class for native speaker?I'm always made a fool of by teacher in this class.Everytime in this english class, I'm nervous and depressed.